FormulaAthletes spend countless hours training their bodies to succeed. Champions not only train their bodies, they train their mind. This is their competitive edge. Many people don’t realize that better mental performance is something that can be developed. With skill, education and desire to you can improve your competitive edge.

Ahead in the Game helps highly driven athletes to achieve top performances through mental training and support. Through a proven process and easy to access online supports, Ahead in the Game provides practical tools and techniques needed to ensure you have your best days on your biggest days.

If you’re one of the important influencers in an athlete’s life, you too play a vital role in their success. Learn how!

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About Mental Performance

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Martin focus on puttWhy Mental Performance Training

Have you or your team committed to your training and worked hard, yet still experienced the following?

  • Inconsistent results during the season
  • Reach critical points in a performance, only to underperform and miss out on a very achievable goal
  • Enter a slump at the wrong time and felt negative pressure trying to get out of it
  • Nerves or other emotions, impacting your performance

Each of these are examples where mental performance probably wasn’t optimized, the team was trained and ready but other factors were hindering peak performance.

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Ahead in the Game believes that mental training is integral to sport performance success. Just like you train physical fitness for peak performance, you can train mental fitness for peak performance. When athletes put hundreds of hours into physical and technical training, and underperform in key moments, they have an under-developed mental game.

Ahead in the Game supports athletes developing a number of key mental disciplines so that they can have their best days, on their biggest days.   In other words, when you get to those big moments, the championship weekends, you know what you need do to be at your best and you have the right mental habits and discipline to do so.

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Parents & Coaches

Parents and coaches are often the most influential people in a competitive athlete’s life.

As a coach, the role extends far beyond skills training. To truly coach an athlete means to provide guidance and encouragement to help the athlete perform under varying degrees of pressure. A coach is a mentor and plays an important role in mental performance. Many coaches don’t know where to turn to better support their athletes in this area of development. We can support coaches and teams in their mental performance development.

Meanwhile parents of competitive performance athletes face special challenges. Assisting your athlete as they commit, train, triumph and even fail can be emotionally difficult and leave parents confused and unsure. Did I do enough? Did I say the right thing? We can provide you with the resources you need to feel confident and supported as you support your young athlete.

At Ahead in the Game we provide services for both parents and coaches. 

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