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Get ahead in your game

Train the mind, increase emotional resiliency, build habits for peak performance, foster personal well-being, enhance personal leadership

A powerful blend of proven knowledge and experience for having game-changing mental performance improvements. In the operating room, on the tennis courts, on the golf course or in the boardroom, individuals are turning towards to the field of sport and positive psychology.

Ahead in the Game will help you better equip yourself with skills, techniques, and perspectives that lead to improved responses to the pressure of high-performance sport and careers.

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Professional and Amateur Athletes

For individuals who:

  • Want to experience more personal support– someone else in your corner to support you in achieving your high-level goals.
  • Want a professional listener with whom you can talk freely about your hopes, doubts, and frustrations.
  • Want a process for embracing and dealing constructively with challenges, so that you are performing with greater positivity

Individuals in Highly-Demanding Careers

For individuals who:

  • Consistently need to perform at a high level and want to manage related stress
  • Are preparing for a significant event, exam, or other high-pressure performance and need to focus at their best.
  • Are prioritizing progress for roles as competitive and professional athletes, medical personnel, lawyers, judges, CEOs, executive directors, artists, politicians, journalists.

mSOAR Program

Discover m.S.O.A.R.— the mindfulness-meditation Superpower of Attention Regimen. Just as athletes train their mental game to meet peak performance challenges, so can you.

A virtual program for professionals in demanding careers:

  • who want to enhance their mental capacities through meditation skills.
  • who want to be guided in mindfulness practice, to achieve true attentional change.
“Working with Tara has revolutionized my medical career; I am more effective, confident, focused and satisfied with my day-to-day work, as well as managing my work-life balance overall.”

Ontario Surgeon

Female Tennis Player: Achievement

“Tennis skills and fitness are obviously important for performance, however the strength of your mental game to stay focused, and deal with nervousness often determine the winner. One of the most important abilities that I gained through working with Ahead in the Game are the mental skills and perspectives for resetting between points. I have learned to manage my emotions more skillfully, and put my mindset on what I need to do to win, not worry about losing.”

Top Amateur Tennis Player

Businessperson Meditating

“I work in an environment that involves juggling many projects simultaneously, dealing with a variety of clients and often facing the stress of tight deadlines. I found the m.SOAR program as taught by Tara to be extremely enlightening and helpful not just at the corporate level but also at the personal level. This program teaches you how to better manage your attention, to cultivate meta-awareness, all of which offer tremendous spin off benefits in areas such as stress reduction, improving mood and well being, etc. This workshop has been frankly life changing for me.

Scientist, Professional Consultant