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Parents & Coaches

Parents and coaches are often the most influential people in a competitive athlete’s life.

As a coach, the role extends far beyond skills training. To truly coach an athlete means to provide guidance and encouragement to help the athlete perform under varying degrees of pressure. A coach is a mentor and plays an important role in mental performance. Many coaches don’t know where to turn to better support their athletes in this area of development. We can support coaches and teams in their mental performance development.

Meanwhile parents of competitive performance athletes face special challenges. Assisting your athlete as they commit, train, triumph and even fail can be emotionally difficult and leave parents confused and unsure. Did I do enough? Did I say the right thing? We can provide you with the resources you need to feel confident and supported as you support your young athlete.

At Ahead in the Game we provide services for both parents and coaches. 


Group and Team Training

We provide group-training sessions to address the specific challenges of coaches. Ahead in the Game is happy to provide introductory sessions on mental performance or to provide season long consulting and support in the achievement of your team’s goals. Ahead in the Game has access to various forms of mental game assessments in establishing mental performance goals for teams and individual athletes within a team or group. Contact Tara for an initial assessment.

One on One Consulting

Just like athletes, coaches benefit form one on one consulting to enhance their understanding of mental performance or to improve their own mental performance. Coaches can experience a lot of pressure and stress in sport. It is highly valuable for coach performance and well-being to improve habits for stress management and to have the additional support. Through these sessions we’ll identify your individual goals and challenges, create a plan to enhance your skills and work together to build your skills and confidence.




Group Workshops

We can provide group parent workshops to support parents with their unique situation. Through these workshops we will help you understand the mental performance training your athlete is receiving and how you can support them. We will also cover topics such as how to help your child set meaningful & motivating goals, how to deal with set-back, and how to better support your son or daughter’s mental preparation. These can be done with parents from one team, one sport or a mix of groups.

One on One Consulting

If your young athlete is taking part in one on one consulting you might appreciate the opportunity to also discuss your role and how you can support their goals. Through one on one consulting with parents we are able to discuss and address your particular situation, build your own skills and techniques for how to interact with your son or daughter to support their athletic goals and continue their enjoyment in sport.

For more information or to book a session contact us.