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Ahead in the Game believes that mental training is integral to sport performance success. Just like you train physical fitness for peak performance, you can train mental fitness for peak performance. When athletes put hundreds of hours into physical and technical training, and underperform in key moments, they have an under-developed mental game.

Ahead in the Game supports athletes developing a number of key mental disciplines so that they can have their best days, on their biggest days.   In other words, when you get to those big moments, the championship weekends, you know what you need do to be at your best and you have the right mental habits and discipline to do so.

athletes quotes-01Ahead in the Game has a system of development using the Competitive Edge Development Formula. It is an approach that is always adapted to fit each athlete unique experiences and needs.

Performers who continue to develop their inner approach to sport will find new levels of persistence, conviction and faith in themselves. It’s all about the relationship you have goals and dreams. Steve Nash, high achieving MVP All-Star Player of the NBA player, who really maximized his potential, said this, “The obsession (with my goals) became my best friend. I talked to her, cherished her, fought with her and got knocked on my ass by her.”

You may want to address a specific issue you are having in relation to mental performance or engage in a season or multi-year consulting relationship. Ahead in the Game provide one on one consulting with athletes from various geography locations with the use of various supportive technologies.

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