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Ahead Mind Sport Training App & E-Training Guide

The Ahead Sport Mind Training App is the mental training tool that’s in your pocket, so you can be in the “pocket”.

Check it out on iTunes (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android).


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Ahead Sport Mind Training App


Get the competitive edge by training your mental game!

Ahead in the Game has over 15 years experience with a process that supports athletes to develop a number of key mental disciplines so that you can have your best days, on your biggest days. Research has proven that the consistent and quality use of mental skills helps athletes develop their peak performance mindset for key moments.

E-Training Guide for Athletes and Teams Looking for The Competitive Edge

E-Training Guide for Athletes and Teams Looking for The Competitive Edge

Develop peak performance in high stakes moments

However, many athletes and teams are putting hundreds of hours into physical and technical training, and under-performing at those critical times. This is a prime example of an under-developed mental game — that is, when nerves, pressure or poor mental habits get in the way of achieving you or your team’s potential. The reality is: with all the pressure that can come with achieving peak performance in high stakes moments, it’s really tough to do it on your own.

Get started training your competitive edge

Ahead Sport Mind Training App is a foundational component of the Ahead in the Game Competitive Edge Formula for mental game development.

The main features of the Ahead Sport Mind Training App include:

  • The Peak Performance Tracker, perfect for the elite athlete who wants to take their mental game to the next level. This includes post-competition reflection, personal optimal performance state reflection, daily goal-setting and more.
  • The Mental Skills Tool Box, includes written descriptions, video demonstrations and audio exercises for nine key mental skills in achieving a peak performance mindset.  The skills are designed for competitive athletes, but accessible for the developing athlete.

So…if you or your team have inconsistent results and performance, have underperformed at key moments, have high-achieving goals, and want the competitive edge…we invite you to stay in touch with Ahead in the Game developments and receive our Free E-Training Guide:

“The Competitive Edge Performance Formula and Three Little-Known Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Sport Success, Cost you in Scholarships, Contracts or the Achievement of Your High-Level Goals”

Sign up here to receive our E-training Guide to learn about the Ahead in the Game approach and how it has supported many athletes in achieving their big dreams and personal bests. 

Don’t leave your mental game to chance — start training today!


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