Train your Mental Game at Home

The Ahead Sport Mind Training app gives athletes the opportunity to develop their mental game at home, on the road and in their training environments.
Through video, audio clips and tracking forms, athletes can strengthen key mental skills and habits for excellence in sport. This app is designed with you in mind, to keep you on target for your goals.

It will help you:

  • Improve visualization, confidence and motivation
  • Direct your progress with goal-setting and monitoring
  • Focus your pre-game mental preparation
  • Develop composure for those big moments

Video clip- Caps Player (This will make sense if its specific to how the player uses the app)


The two main features include the Mental Skills Tools Box and the Peak Performance Tracking.

The Mental Skills Tool Box includes written descriptions, video demonstrations and audio exercises you can take with you. Mental training is an effective way to improve competition performance and satisfaction.


High-achieving athletes commonly develop a high-level of self-awareness. Peak Performance Tracker alone has proven to improve self-insight and mental discipline for having a peak performance mindset. Through the Ahead in the Mind App, athletes are able to monitor and refine habits through the following Peak Performance Tracker forms:

  • The Personal Optimal Performance State (P.O.P.S.) will help you become aware of key focusing reminders, important pre-game thinking strategies, and optimal activation levels for performing at your best.
  • The Performance Inventory form will provide insights into positive mental habits & skills for optimal performance and achievement.
  • The Daily Mental Training and Goals will assist you in setting daily training goals, marking small victories, and focusing on the regular use of mental skills.
  • The Ahead in the Game Post-competition Reflection forms is an extremely reliable method for fine-tuning peak performance mindsets, helping you develop the focus to perform at your best.
  • The Short-term Goals form helps you focus your improvement and keep your head in the game of improvement.

Tara_Sitting_ontrackAll forms are confidential. Ahead in the Game is committed to never share your personal information without your permission.

Additional features of the Ahead Sport Mind Training App features consist of the following:

  • Link to the Ahead in the Game A.I.T.G. Blog
  • Audio recording feature that can be shared with coaches or mental performance coach
  • Game day notes section 

Tracking report options are available by contacting

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