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About Mental Performance

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Martin focus on puttWhy Mental Performance Training

Have you or your team committed to your training and worked hard, yet still experienced the following?

  • Inconsistent results during the season
  • Reach critical points in a performance, only to underperform and miss out on a very achievable goal
  • Enter a slump at the wrong time and felt negative pressure trying to get out of it
  • Nerves or other emotions, impacting your performance

Each of these are examples where mental performance probably wasn’t optimized, the team was trained and ready but other factors were hindering peak performance.

Through comprehensive mental performance training athletes improve their ability to be effective in different situations. More than just visualization, mental performance training includes:

  • increasing personal resilience
  • mental and emotional fitness
  • inner motivation
  • improved activation and intensity enhancement strategies
  • self awareness
  • improving performance habits as part of preparation, performance, reflection & recovery
  • building positive attitudes for success and satisfaction

Martin WinningAthletes who engage in mental performance training generally report increased consistency, improved emotional composure, increased maturity and overall enjoyment.

Imagine having a strong vision of the success you desire and support for achieving your goals and performance.

Imagine immediately gaining a clearer view of the factors influencing your sport performance and enjoyment so that you can start turning these around for more positive, inner motivation.

Imagine having a well laid-out, effective process to improve your mental game so you can channel negative performance anxiety, fear or nervousness into positive performance energy.

Imagine having support in dealing with the many challenging situations athletes face. Challenges such as negative coaches, difficult teammates, getting cut from a team, dealing with big losses, or low personal motivation. So you are empowered to deal constructively with challenges.

Imagine knowing how to speak to your subconscious in ways that are going to better support your growth, development and performance so that you are moving more confidently in the direction of your dreams and potential.

Through consistent and comprehensive mental training you can enjoy more top performances, increased confidence and satisfaction in sport!

“Many highly successful athletes felt they would have reached the top sooner if they had strengthened their mental skills earlier in their careers.” — Mental Links to Excellence, Terry Orlick & John Partington