Add “I Declare” to positive self-talk for more positive energy

Add “I Declare” to positive self-talk statements and notice the positive energy.  Anything you want more of in your life and sport, try working with making positive declarations to increase the energy within yourself and to draw in the supports you need.

Thoughts are closely related to self-talk.  It has been estimated that we have approximately 150-300 words per minute – between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts per day.  What you are saying to yourself about what you are doing, largely contributes to self-esteem, self-concept and confidence to achieve something, perform at your best and realize more and more of your potential.

While much of our self-talk is innocuous such as, “I wonder what I will wear today”.  Other self-statements can be related to thoughts about achievement, self-image and confidence.  Statements such as, “I am going to pick a target and stick this shot” or “that other team is so good, we’ll never be able to beat them”.   It is obvious which thoughts will more likely lead to positive results.

In building more positive energy towards your goals and seeing more and more of your full potential use positive self-talk daily in training.  Really pump up the positive energy by including “I Declare” or “I claim” to your self-talk statements.

“I declare / claim even more poise and grace in my routine.”

“I declare / claim focus and connection in this training session.”

“I declare / claim and train for my optimal best performance at Canada Games this year!”