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Two biggest sport psychology myths –

Big myth #1 ~“That only athletes with mental health problems need sport psychology or mental performance support”

In many sports, mental performance coaching is seen as part of the performance development formula.  Optimal Performance is a result of physical training + technical training + mental training + group functioning.  Just like you can improve physical aspects of your performance, you can also improve mental aspects. Improving mental skills such as breathing, visualization and competition planning will enhance performance focus.

Big myth # 2 ~ “That sport psychology and mental performance consulting is only elite athletes”

Whether you are preparing for the Olympics or a club championship, all athletes who dedicate time to sport want to have their best days, on their biggest day. With commitment, sharpening mental skills can help you achieve greater consistency.

Here are ten questions to help highlight areas where mental performance coaching can help ~   

Follow this link for a sample of Ahead in the Game’s Mental Performance Inventory