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iStock_000006935194XSmallHappy New Year!!!  The 2014 Show Season is not so far away.  Here is an opportunity to raise your performance and motivation out of the saddle. Myself and Personal Trainer, Toby Peardon, are offering a pilot Mental and Physical Fitness Program for Riders called ‘Ride Every Stride’ in early 2014. 

Toby Peardon, CSEP-CPT; CGFP; NBFL; Can-Fit PRO PTS Certified Personal Trainer with 20 years of experience writing and implementingindividualized and group fitness programs forchildren, teens, adults and seniors.  She has worked with a number individual equestrian clients here on PEI.

Tara Costello, MA, C.S.P.A.  is a mental performance consultant and member of theCanadian SportPsychology Association. She has worked with many top athletes and performers, including equestrian athletes in PEI and Ontario. 

The program will run ten weeks, once a week between 6:00 – 8:15pm starting Monday, Jan. 20th in Milton at the Neuro Fitness Center for Performance and Well-being (We were originally planning on twice a week for six weeks, however the feedback was that one night a week is better for most.) The first hour of physical training will focus on building core strength for riding, and the next hour will help you improve key mental strategies for more positive performance states.  Research supports that developing yourself in mental and physical training will help performance.  (See quotes below from client’s of mine on how sport psychology and mental performance support makes a difference in their performance.)  

Some tips ~~   

Horse Show LopeWe have room for 12-14 participants.  If you are interested, please email . A $65. down-payment will be required to reserve your spot (first come,first serve). The total cost of the program is $195.00 with payment options available (pay pal, cheque, cash, three invoices of 65.). If you know others this program might appeal to, please pass it on.  Thank-you!!    All the best in sport & life!  Tara

For more information on my approach and company see ~


Mental Training Component
Learn to have your best days, on your biggest days. This program is designed to support riders in developing a stronger mental approach for performance in equestrian. There are known thinking patterns that disrupt performance and proven mental skills for optimizing your performance day mind-set. In this program you will work on clearly identifying your B.P.S.(best performance state). Then develop the mental skills to perform with greater consistency. These will include, but are not limited to; enhancing the quality and effectiveness of visualization, strengthening confidence by building your ‘riding resource room’, strengthening positive beliefs for your goals, and improving strategies to reduce performance day stress. Riders will also receive a brief introduction to emotional intelligence.
Physical Training Component – The rider program is designed with a variety
of fitness and sport conditioning exercises to help you achieve the mobility,
stability, core strength, and proper posture that will help you ride well whether
you are an amateur rider just a few times a week, or a professional and noticing
the wear and tear on your body. Working off horse allows you to take your
muscles through their full range of motion, reducing the chance of knots and risk
of strain injury, while improving your ability to absorb your horse’s motion. A fit
rider is easier for a horse to carry and you’ll be more comfortable too.
Quotes from Ahead in the Game clients ~

A lot of athletes are afraid to ask for help with their mental game. I’m really glad I asked Tara for her help. She has really helped me handle so many different situations and has taken my game to another level!

Drew MacIntyre, Goalie, Toronto Marlies, A.H.L.

 My experience with Tara was fantastic. I believe the success that I experienced  personally, at nationals wouldn’t have been possible without her help. I truly felt I had a mental edge which enabled me to play with confidence. It is amazing how relaxed and focused you are when you aren’t scared to make mistakes. 

Chris Craig, Charlottetown, Fawcett’s, 2010 All-Star Canadian Men’s Fast Pitch Tournament

 I felt reflection was very helpful, especially post game reflection sheets to see our weak areas to improve on and reinforce the feelings we had during good games.
Anson Carmody, Canadian Jr. Curling Champion 2009 Brett Gallant Team, Runner-up at 2009 Jr. World Curling